Updates Q1 2024


The Path of The Village Idiot:

We're near the end of the first quarter of 2024, and after several weeks of introspection, I decided that I will not be publishing the collection "Path of The Village Idiot" in the near future.

All four books are available in paperback and e-book formats and I believe that is sufficient for now. I do have the collection finished and edited, with some changes, including new introduction and other front and back matter.

The issue is that the original inspiration for the fourth book in particular is a toxic person who does not deserve another moment of my time. I wasted months of my life, documented in that last book, grieving the loss of someone who abandoned me. I can live without reliving any of that or giving them the satisfaction of knowing I put even another second of my life into a project that was inspired by them.

I'm sure this sounds rather harsh and angry, but honestly it isn't. I just had a severe reality check a couple months ago and realized that my efforts in writing could be better spent elsewhere.

Damaged Perspectives:

Another project I was planning to release before the end of Q1 2024 is the picture book of all the paintings in my gallery, which are still on this site.

The book explained the inspiration and my mindset at the time I created all of the paintings. Again, this deserves literally zero amount of my time, as the person and inspiration for that work is and shall remain toxic and nameless.

The more I think about it, the more disgusting I feel, so no. That will come out someday when I have literally nothing at all better to do or I remove all the text from the book and simply publish the paintings and their titles. I am done paying what they would consider nothing more than homage to someone who stalks me, harasses me, has abused me in the past and has shown that I don't even exist to them.

The Secret Life of Beth Silvertree:

I think I'm starting to sound like a broken record here, but once again, a beautiful project that is mostly written, based on a true story, has been put on the shelf indefinitely. I realized that the inspiration for this work has severe mental issues and reading this or even knowing it's in the universe would simply enable their psychosis.

I don't do this out of courtesy, I do this because I have grown completely indifferent, and I have chosen to stop wasting my time on this subject. I'm also sick and tired of their mindless drug-addled fuckery, among other things. I'm certainly not going to lend another speck of credence to their conspiracies. 


Last year, I created the website poetrynear.me. I did this in the hopes of bringing poets together from the now defunct site gotpoetry.com. Unfortunately, the site hasn't picked up any traction over the past several months, and I'm paying monthly for wasted space on a server in some cloud somewhere that no one is using. On March 29th, 2024, the site will be taken down purely from lack of interest, and all data will be lost. If you are on poetrynear.me please visit the site and save whatever you have there so it won't be lost. 

Going forward in 2024:

Although these projects hindered me somewhat in developing a new style of painting, and other writing projects that I have been working on, I have been active nonetheless.

I have been painting regularly since January 1st, 2024, and have been experimenting with different types of acrylic pouring methods. It's a new thing for me, but I'm having a lot of fun with it and plan to explore this for a while. I'll post more updates as to my progress.

One of my favorite writing projects has been movie and television reviews and I have a list of movies I will be adding to my review blog. I will post a link to the blog on the main site soon. I enjoy blending some humor, both dark and inappropriate, to most of my reviews. The Fargo 2016 review was pretty straightforward, but most of the rest are ridiculous and amusing. Most importantly, they were fun to write.

I have also written a lot of erotica that I never really took seriously until recently, and I will be presenting these stories as serials on this site. I don't know if I'll be offering subscriptions or just simply pay as you go (or maybe just for free, who knows), but either way they will be available here soon.

Thank you to all of my fans for all the encouragement on my socials and through my website here. Again, I know I sound angry, but I am not. And those of you who have been with me since this all happened last year, you understand what I've gone through and I appreciate your support especially.

You can look forward to some new and interesting paintings, movie reviews, and serials in the next month or two. I'll keep you posted here on my blog, as well as the Coming Soon section of this site.