Nate Hutnak, Aka "Natey", was a performance poet for about a decade starting in 1993, in Providence, RI. Natey was a pro nightlife photographer in Chicago in 2003 and 2004, and his photography was displayed at the Harem artist's loft in Chicago.

In 2004, Natey took time off of his artistic pursuits to start a family, and focus on his business and non-profit ventures. In 2008, he founded Free Geek Providence, and with the help of dozens of incredible volunteers, Free Geek PVD was able to provide thousands of free computers to schools, libraries, non-profits and individuals all over Rhode Island.

Who is Natey?

In 2010, he founded Indie Cycle, LLC, a for-profit recycling company in Rhode Island. He gave the business to his parents in 2013 to assist in their speedy retirement. He spent the next dozen or so years managing retail stores, and working construction jobs, while traveling all over the United States.

In 2022, Natey settled in Aurora, IL and began painting landscapes. He showed his work at the Artesan Lofts Thomas Weisner Gallery in Aurora, IL, in September and November of 2023.

He wrote four novels about The Tails of The Village Idiot. The final book of the series was written in 2024, twenty-five years after the first book. A hardcover collection of all four books was slated to be released in early 2024, but he decided against it. Also, the hardcover book "Damaged Perspectives" was also slated to be released early 2024, but both of these projects were put on hold indefinitely. 

Natey has a Movie Review link on the top of this site pointing to his blog of movie and television show reviews. It's mostly for fun, and might be an interesting read. He's been writing this movie review blog since 2009 under the pen-name of Frustwrited. You can also find him on on Reddit under the same username. 

In 2024, Natey plans on writing many more goofy movie reviews, as well as weekly serials that you can subscribe to. 

Natey lives with his son and his dog in Aurora, IL. 

Last updated March 27th, 2024