Social Media and Me


I decided to go a bit dark on social media, recently. I went a little overboard with creating a Thread and TikTok and Instagram and Tumblr and what not to promote my art. I realized after the past year that social media does nothing for my art. In fact, it's just disruptive to my life. 

Anyone that knows me well knows that I never gave a shit what people thought about my art anyway. That certainly hasn't changed. And shares and likes don't do shit. My patrons, however, who have my artwork or books in their homes or offices or basements to scare off the rats, I appreciate you all as much as you appreciate my art.

I still don't give a shit what you think about my art, but you knew that going into it.

What it really comes down to as far as social media and me, is that I suppose I'm just GenX Old School and prefer to let the kids play as they will online. 

Today, very much like pre-2023, I now only have my public frustwrited account on Reddit and blogger and my private meta accounts where I share really bad memes with a couple dozen close friends and relatives and follow Jon Stewart.

Due to progressively worsening injuries I sustained in 2022, I am unable to type or paint without pain or frustration. Mostly pain. Not anything some skilled surgeons can't fix, so no worries, you haven't missed anything. I've been typing for about 10 minutes and I already can't feel my fingers. Fun stuff. 

Thanks for putting up with what appears to be horrible negligence and laziness on my part for not posting any new stuff here: It's honestly just a simple case of once tolerable pain that progressed to intolerable pain over the past year or so keeping me from doing what I love. 

To all my wonderful patrons, I'm right here. Or I'm sharing stupid memes with you already, so this is kinda moot. 

Finally, I have a couple little bullet points for the delusional narcissistic stalkers of mine:

  • I'm still alive and well right here. You're welcome for saving you a few clicks.

  • If I'm going to write something interesting, It's going to be here.

  • You're no longer interesting to me, so you can continue your psychoses without me.