Pouring paints part 1


I decided to take a step back from my usual style of landscapes, which have, thus far, centered mainly around cliffs and abstracts, and started working with gray scale painting. This is honestly my favorite style. I enjoy having a beautiful image with black and white and then add a third color to make something stand out. I've done this before with a set I did over the summer, but this is going to be a little different. The top two are 8"x 10" and the rest are 8" x 8".

The top image was the first thing I painted this year, on January 1st, actually. I then did the second one a little while later. I just wanted to put my brush on the canvas and do something. I hadn't painted since November and I really wasn't inspired at all, so I just needed to start.

So the first one is a pretty simple landscape, overcast sky with a nice tree lined hill in the background, some trees in the foreground, separated but a little river running through it.

The second one is a simple overhead view of a fork in the road in the woods. I didn't want to incorporate paths or anything else from 2023, but this felt right.

The third one I did today. I started using pouring acrylics and silicon oil to get a "cell" effect in the paintings. I used a very small amount of light blue iridescent acrylic added to the coloring of the river, and I made the tree lines a little spookier. I have no idea why the image came out sepia toned. In reality, it's gray scale with a little blue in the water. I'll have to fix that.

The next two images are simply test canvases where I'm trying to get the mix ratio to the point where I can get some cells to grow, but it wasn't until the last image that I was able to actually get almost what I wanted.

I'm learning as I go here, so the learning curve is going to be a little steep until I can work out how to do this. I have, I think, everything I need, it's just a matter of mixing things properly and then spreading them in such a way that it all works out the way I hope.

My end goal is here is to incorporate the colored poured acrylic into a black and white landscape. I think that will be a really beautiful effect and something I can both enjoy painting and showing.