Moving on from 2022 and 2023


So I've been able to find homes for nearly every painting from 2023 and 2022. The paintings I have left, which you can find in the Painting section above, are still available for homes. A couple more paintings will be painted over to recycle the canvas, a couple are going to be burned and I'll probably just keep the rest.

This painting, "The Path to Elysium" was a favorite of mine for many reasons. It really explained the idea of a trauma path, and it helped me visualize all the paths I didn't take in life because this one big beautiful path was staring me in the face. Although I learned valuable lessons and I loved painting this image, it's time to move on from 2022-2023.

I mixed some paint I had left over from some other projects and created a messy grey canvas. I am not too concerned about the streaks, this will be an entirely different painting when I'm done with it. I am experimenting with different types of acrylic pours, so this may be a very large pour that I do in the near future.