Jan 15, 2024

The first two I just did today. I used a much more watery solution for the white base, with some silicone oil for the colors. Although I didn't get the cells I wanted, it flowed much better than previous attempts. I used a hair dryer to push it around. The first one I used the knife to push some of the paint around in the bottom, but the second one I figured it out on another canvas.

The third was one I started a couple weeks ago. I painted some black and white forest around the pour I did a couple weeks ago. Made that a lake from an overhead view. Thought that was neat.

The fourth one, the blue one, was the first one I actually tried today, came out pretty well. I'm going to play with that some more later this week once it dries.

The green heart is on the third layer. I have just a little more highlights to do and then add some dark color and shadowing to the sutures. I am hoping I'll be able to get this as a tattoo eventually.

The last one hanging at a 45 degree angle is all black and white. I just added some birds and trees to the little island.