Absurdist Shirts LLC


In an effort to teach my son life skills otherwise not taught in most schools, I started a legitimate business enterprise with him. Instead of just walking through the steps, we actually created a business, applied for and were approved for an LLC in Illinois, and just need to open a bank account to make things complete.

He handles the graphic designs for all the merchandise and I handle the business side of things. He takes part in everything, and has come to understand the intricacies of running a business first-hand. When he turns 18 in a few months he'll be a 50% partner in the LLC.

I already had a Printify account setup for my artwork, and an Etsy store as well, but I never used it for anything. So we were already setup and ready to go with his artwork (and a couple things I've done as well) to be put on merchandise and sold.

I'm really proud of my son and all the hard work he does to create his beautifully absurd graphic designs. I hope you'll stop by and take a look at our website at absurdistshirts.com